Judy Coppage

Judy Coppage is the president of THE COPPAGE COMPANY, a literary consulting / producing company, which was first founded in 1985 as an agency. Predominantly a literary company, Ms. Coppage sold the DIE HARD novel to 20th Century Fox. Other movies which have been produced from her sales include RAINBOW DRIVE (Showtime), DEVLIN (Showtime), WITH A VENGEANCE (CBS), SEX, LOVE, AND COLD HARD CASH (USA), A VOW TO KILL (USA), MAD DOG TIME (Feature/MGM), UNDERWORLD (Feature/Trimark), FOREVER LULU (Feature/Millennium), SECOND SKIN (HBO), GO TO THE DEAD (HBO), MICHAEL LANDON: THE FATHER I KNEW (CBS), PURGATORY (TNT - nominated for a WGA Award), LADIES NIGHT (USA), THE PIERRE HEIST (USA), LOCUSTS (ABC) which Ms. Coppage Associate Produced. DEATH SENTENCE, a novel, written by Brian Garfield, was released by 20th Century Fox and SPRING THAW starring Melissa Gilbert aired on Hallmark Channel. HELL RIDE which was released by Dimension Films was presented by Quentin Tarantino and was written, directed, produced, and stars Larry Bishop. Beyond these, THE MAN WITH THE KALEIDOSCOPE EYES was optioned by Joe Dante who will direct, along with a myriad of other projects, including THE MEINERTZHAGEN MYSTERY, GOLGOTHAM, and POINT DUME, all of which are currently being packaged.

Many of her clients have worked on many other Feature/Movie of the Week projects and television series, some of which include, MY BOYS, CSI: NY, WALKER, TEXAS RANGER, IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT, DESIGNING WOMEN, CAROLINE IN THE CITY, GIRLFRIENDS, EMERIL, ANY DAY NOW, NASH BRIDGES, TITUS, THE DIVISION, MADtv,and EYES. Prior to starting her own company, Ms. Coppage taught at UCLA (TELEVISION DEVELOPMENT: FROM CONCEPTION TO CANCELLATION), was Vice President and Executive in Charge of Production for Hanna-Barbara Productions, Director of Development and Executive in Charge of Production for Paramount Television, Director of Development and Producer for Johnny Carson Productions, Director of Development for Quinn Martin Productions, and Head of Development, researcher, and assistant producer to Stirling-Silliphant. With Silliphant, she worked on THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE, TOWERING INFERNO, NEW CENTURIONS, all the original SHAFT movies among others, along with LONGSTREET (ABC series) and many other television shows.

Early in her career, Ms. Coppage was a literary agent and a Production Assistant in Television. She graduated Cum Laude from UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts in Theater Arts and also earned a Master of Arts degree in Theater Arts. Ms. Coppage won the Hugh O’Brian Acting Award and the Oren Stein Technical Theater Award while at UCLA.

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